Aufruf: 1. Mai Vorabenddemo (Engl.)

Zum 30.04 ruft die Antifa United zur 1. Mai Vorabenddemo nach Evershagen auf. Ich habe deren Aufruf ins Englische übersetzt.

This state of affairs cannot continue!

For over a year now, we have been living with a virus, the fight against which takes so much away from us: cozy family gatherings, social encounters, concerts and countless other pleasant things. What is not taken away from us, however, are bad, or now even worse, working conditions. Whereas last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, everything was still shut down in Germany to protect us, in the meantime priorities are being shifted to protecting profits. Large offices are open, many employers refuse a possible working from home arrangement and therefore endanger our health – with the main pretext of productivity.

Many suffer from the double burden of home office and childcare, factory workers are crammed together like at Tönnies. Outdoor amateur sports are prohibited, while professional football players fly from country to country to play in front of empty stadiums. Small entrepreneurs struggle to survive, while Lufthansa is being bailed out with billions of euros. The more expensive medical masks have become compulsory in many areas of life – but instead of providing enough of these masks for everyone, especially those in need, corrupt politicians pocket thousands of euros through crude deals. There is a system behind this! The crisis is not called Corona, also not Bill Gates or George Soros, but capitalism! As long as not the human being but profit is the priority, we cannot expect a fundamental improvement of the conditions. The fact that the patents of the vaccines are not being released, in order not to endanger profits of the enterprises, shows us what we are worth.

Therefore join us at a protest on 30th April at 6:30pm (Evershagen, Maxim-Gorki-Straße 66)! Against the crisis and for a life in which we as people are more important than the profits of big companies. We give a voice to those who are especially suffering under this current situation. There will be a hygiene concept and enough FFP2 masks for participants.

We are aware of the special responsibility that comes with the current pandemic. However, we consider demonstrating to be an important and necessary political tool – with distance, masks and consideration for others.

Hygiene concept

·      All participants are asked to wear FFP2 masks and to keep a minimum distance of 1.5m.

·      We will provide FFP2 masks free of charge.

·      One group of demonstrators will contain maximum 100 participants, once that number is reached, we please ask participants to move on to the next group.

·      Within the groups there will be fixed rows with a distance of 1.5m between each other.

·      We offer a joint arrival by bike from the city centre.

·      If possible, we would encourage you to do a rapid test in advance.

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